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Deep Blue Group Telecom Enhance your business with Hosted IP Telephony

With FeaturePlus you are in control






FeaturePlus is a hosted telephony system ideally suited to small businesses, branch offices and mobile workers.


The service is feature rich and has an emphasis on control and administration, allowing you to configure the system exactly to your business’s requirements (even if these requirements frequently change).


With this versatility you can manage your business more effectively by ensuring you never miss a call, at a price you can afford and without having to buy an expensive PBX.




Features you can easily control – FeaturePlus is provided with a wide range of call handling and management features as standard, all operated through an easy to use web portal.


FeaturePlus can enable change – The service can help businesses be more efficient, work more flexibly by enabling home working, and improve customer conversations.

It is ideal for branch offices – As the service is provided centrally you don’t need an expensive system on each site, so you can get all the functionality you need without compromising on price.


There are no hidden costs – As FeaturePlus is hosted on your behalf, there are no maintenance charges or running costs.


It’s an on-demand service – You only pay for what you need and on a simple per seat basis. As you are not buying a PBX there is minimum capital outlay and no financing costs to consider.


Numbering is made easy – You have total flexibility with the numbers you want to use. You can keep your existing numbers or get new numbers. But whatever you choose, your number will always go wherever your business goes.


Extend your business reach – Use any local area number no matter where you are located. Have a London number in Leeds!


Unexpected events won’t disrupt your business – Whether it be snow or floods FeaturePlus business continuity features allows your business to carry on making and taking calls.




Feature Plus is provided with the latest Cisco IP Phones, or alternatively we can connect your existing analogue handsets to the service. The IP link that carries the calls will typically be a business grade broadband service enabling high quality and reliable communications. All the features of the service are hosted in the Deep Blue network which frees you from maintenance charges and running costs, letting you invest the money saved in other areas of your business.